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What’s been going on

Oh my it’s been far too long since I have occupied space in this place.

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the passing of Nelson Mandela.  I have spent the last few days consoling Diva.  Unfortunately when she heard the news I was not home and Princess was less than comforting.  My child does not deal with the death of her favourite celebrities well.  We spent the weekend before lamenting the death of Paul Walker.

Luckily for me Diva, her BFF had a birthday last week and had a birthday lunch/sleep over on Saturday.  So that took the spotlight off her grief.

On Saturday we dropped her off at Mandarin, an all you can eat Asian buffet.  Then Princess and I went to Chipotle to utilize the free burrito coupon we got in May when she didn’t like her meal.  Good thing we went when we did as the coupon expires at the end of this month.

After eating we went to Winners to look around.  I had that $25 gift card from the shopping bag mix up still in my possession.  At this location we found a sweater for my Dad, earrings for my sister and pink hot chocolate mix for Diva.  We also stopped at HMV and picked up a CD by Ariana Grande for Diva that Princess says Diva would enjoy.  In hindsight I am not sure this was a good idea since when I took Princess to buy cupcakes for Diva’s birthday we came home with none of her favourites.

On the way home we stopped at another Winners, where I found a sweater for my brother and coffee for my step-Mom.  The sweater is a size small and I am not sure that it will fit him.

Saturday night I left Princess home to go to my girlfriend’s sister’s house.  My girlfriend has decided to start her own Stella & Dot business.  There were a lot of pretty pieces.  But at this moment I can not justify the price tag, especially since I am not a big jewelry person.

On Sunday afternoon, I picked up Diva and stopped at yet another Winners.  I think I may have a problem.  Anyhoo, at this Winners I found a different sweater for my brother, dryer balls for myself and peppermint bark for … most likely me. 🙂

I think the only things I have left to pick up are a gift card for my step-Mom and a Sharpie pencil for Diva and maybe some kind of food treat for Princess.  I will return the smaller sweater and look about getting gift bags to put everything in.  And then I am done.

I am well within my sealed pot amount but once I hand out cash to my youngest sister and kids I will be over.  Oh well.  Having the sealed pot was a great way to supplement my Christmas budget.

Before I go I have to confess I have yet to make a menu plan for this week.  I do not want to wing it so I will get on that tonight.

Last night I cooked up the chicken sausage I was supposed to cook last week. *don’t judge me* lol

I turned this.

Aidell's chicken sausage


Into this.

Chicken Sausage Alfredo


Laughing Cow Alfredo sauce is becoming a quick and easy favourite in my house.  Pasta, protein, vegetable and sauce.  How can one go wrong?


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  1. I am still so impressed with the sealed pot idea – must get on board for next year! You’ve done well with the shopping – still going here!

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