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Holy ice storm Batman

I was awaken by the phone this morning.  It was my Aunt inquiring as to whether or not I had power.

I do. 🙂

She doesn’t. 😦  I may have to go get her if she doesn’t have power later on this afternoon.

Apparently there are lots of pockets in the GTA that are without power.  It is estimated that over 250,000 people are without power and it could take up to 72 hours to get it all back to normal.  We are advised not to go on the road unless it is necessary.

Earlier I called my Mom who I figured should have power as she is just a little bit north of me.  I think we are on the same grid.  She does have power.  She just called me to let me know that the tree beside her house just split in half.  Luckily it fell on the road not towards her house.

I called a friend who lives 5 minutes south of me.  He does not have power.

My BFF who lives 45+ minutes east does not have power.

One of my friends’ parents also doesn’t have power.  They live 20 minutes west of me.

I then figured I should look out the window.

Icy view


Ice on tree


Icy branches
It looks very pretty.

Princess is supposed to go to the movies today for a friend’s birthday.  I don’t see that  happening.  She is still hopeful.  So much so, that she is still planning to make cookies as a gift.  Gotta love her positive spirit.  The mall has power and is open until 8 tonight, but I don’t really want to go out unless I have to.



Comments on: "Holy ice storm Batman" (2)

  1. You guys got it pretty bad!! Are you on FB? If so email me so we can be “friends”.. 😉 also check out the Weather Network for photos!! Incredible… I can’t imagine not having power for 72 hours, especially now ’cause it’s so close to Christmas, so many of use have SO much food in the house. I’d cry! 😦

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