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A quick update

This ice storm is no joke.

My Aunt lost power on Sunday and still doesn’t have it back.  She lives in a senior’s apartment building.  So far she says the building is still warm enough to sleep there overnight.  Yes I offered my place like a good niece but the old lady is a tough one.  Plus she is helping keep people calm and entertained so she feels useful.

Various family members and friends have lost power for a spell but most have got it back now.

I never lost power.  Thank God!!  I have however lost my cable/internet/home phone since Sunday afternoon.  I want to complain a little but given my good fortune of continuous electricity I shall refrain. 😉  I have no idea what is going on in the world.  I suppose I could turn on the radio but that seems out of character for me.

Right now I am at my Mom’s borrowing her internet.

We went to my Dad’s for Christmas.  My step-Mom pulled a rabbit out of a hat considering they were without power until late Monday night.

Thankfully no one I know was anything other than cold for the past few days.

I hope that the city gets power back to everyone.  In this cold weather being without heat is not anything to prolong.

Anyhoo, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/Kwanzaa/few days off.  And where ever you are, you are safe and warm.

Comments on: "A quick update" (3)

  1. Hope you had a good Christmas too, Sunny – despite the power issues. It is beyond my comprehension how people can survive without power in the temperatures you have in Canada…especially the elderly. Hope your aunt is ok and everything is back to normal soon.

  2. I hope everything is back to normal today – it has been a long slog! I would have long since lost patience. You will need to celebrate doubly for New Year’s!

  3. […] take these to my Dad’s for Christmas but I did not take the recipe off the internet so when I lost internet just before Christmas I was […]

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