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A sad day for Diva

So what was supposed to be “the greatest day” for Diva has turned into a big disappointment.

I ordered the 16 GB 5th generation iTouch and it wasn’t until we went to buy a case for it did we learn that there is no back camera on this model.  One needs to buy the 32 GB model in order to get a back camera.

All I have to say right now is Apple really knows how to get money out of people.

So we returned the iTouch and Diva is stuck with a case for a toy she no longer has.  The store we were in was all sold out.

My girl is so sad and disappointed.  It’s breaking my heart.

When we got home I looked online to see if there were any on sale.  I found one in store.  The store agreed to put it on hold.  I am going to go get it for her.

My child is so spoiled.


Comments on: "A sad day for Diva" (2)

  1. Oh that is such a bummer!! I had no idea! I have the. 32GB iPod 5th Gen & love it to bits though… I’m sure she will too!! 🙂

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