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Mission Accomplished

At 9 am this morning I had a little Diva in my bedroom trying to “gently” wake me up.  LOL  She actually climbed into bed with me.  It was so cute.  She looked like she wanted to shake me but was afraid to do so.

Oh how agreeable my children are when they want something from me!!

She made me a coffee and let me enjoy it.  All the while she was twitching.  She did not want to be “late”.  The store opens at 10.

We arrived at 10:05.

The salesman was the one who took my sister’s call.  In speaking with him I learned that my sister might not be the best assistant.  I thought this store had 2 x 32 GB iTouches; one in silver, the other in blue.  Turns out this store has 2 iTouches.  A silver 16 GB and a blue 32 GB.

While in the store the salesman asked if we would like to save $150 today.  Of course my child was interested.  He tried to sell me a new cell phone.  In fact he would see if he could get the amount increased to $175 if I signed a 2 year cell phone contract today AND he would throw in the phone for free.  Hmmmm … Ahhhh … NO!  Good thing I am on that fiscal fast. 😉

We went back to Pacific Mall to get a screen protector.  I didn’t realize that this mall doesn’t open until 11.  We got there with 20 minutes to spare.  So we just walked around.  It turns out that the 11 open time is just a suggestion as most of the stores were still closed at 11.  Eventually we found a place that was opening up and Diva got her screen protector.  The new iTouch is ready to go.

We returned home and my girl sat patiently waiting for me to finish eating before she troubled me for the wifi password.  Then she had to wait some more as iTunes on her computer needed to be updated.

She has been very helpful.  I wonder how long it will last.

Comments on: "Mission Accomplished" (7)

  1. Ah, compliant children 🙂 You might remember I went to Pacific Mall for the first time this Fall. The number of phone cases and sleeves was mind-boggling!

    • I avoid that mall like the plague. It always seems to be busy and driving in the parking lot is scary. Unfortunately it’s the cheapest place to get a case and screen protector that I know of.

  2. Very glad for Diva 🙂

  3. […] far so good.  I am on day 3 of a fiscal fast and no money has left my pocket.  The iTouch purchase yesterday gave me the “thrill” of shopping without the expense as Diva used all her own money to […]

  4. very good im so glad 🙂

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