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Jan No Spend Challenge

So far so good.  I am on day 3 of a fiscal fast and no money has left my pocket.  The iTouch purchase yesterday gave me the “thrill” of shopping without the expense as Diva used all her own money to fund her new toy. 🙂

I still have 3/4 tank of gas.

Princess and I will be having the leftover Mexican lasagna with steamed Brussels sprouts, her favourite veggie.

I am taking Diva to her BFF’s house tonight for a sleepover.

Then attend a viewing of a friend of a friend.  I am going mainly for moral support.  If my friend wants me to go to the funeral tomorrow then I will go, but I would prefer not to.  The family of the deceased did not want to acknowledge that their loved one was ill.  In fact up until 3 weeks ago very few people knew she was sick or even dying.  It’s all very sad.

At some point this weekend I should help my BFF with her move.  I don’t think she’s started packing yet and the movers are scheduled for the 15th.  If I am not going to the funeral tomorrow then I will head up to her house after picking up Diva.  If I do end up at the funeral then I will go Sunday.

Being busy this weekend should help me keep my hands out of my wallet. 🙂



Comments on: "Jan No-Low Spend Challenge update #1" (2)

  1. Awesome job with the no spend so far!! Woot! How is the iPod being loved? 🙂 I love mine to bits & carry it everywhere… lol!! Sorry to hear about your friend.. 😦

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