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OTMTW – 1/5/14



I decided to tried a different bun recipe today.  I was looking for a recipe that was a little more that just flour, water, fat and salt.  Looking through my recipe binder I found this recipe from allrecipes.com.  Seems I printed it off back in May.  I have no idea how they tasted as I banned everyone from having one.  They are for lunch. 😉

My oven was working overtime today.  In addition to making rolls, I baked ribs for dinner and convinced Princess to make chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate chip cookies


The first batch were a little “tanned”.  See cookie on lower left.

Sunday – ribs, mashed potatoes and broccoli
Monday – fish, rice and brussels sprouts
Tuesday – chicken ravioli and sauce
Wednesday – leftovers
Thursday – honey garlic chicken wings and whatever fresh produce is still on hand
Friday – frozen pizza
Saturday – chicken and rice

My girls and I have “challenged” ourselves not to eat out this month.  I feel a little guilty as I have that lunch on Tuesday but I’m sure I’ll get over it. 😉


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  1. Ahem… “Tanned” cookies.. rotfl! I’ll have to remember that for hubbys grilled cheese… “No honey, they’re not burnt, they’re “tanned”. 😛

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