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PGH – 1/6/14

Holy cold weather!  I had this thought of walking to the library this evening until I saw this.

Monday's weather

Feels like -23C (-9.4F)!?!  Ahh no thanks.  And tomorrow is supposed to be worst.  I guess all those people who don’t believe in global warming are smirking.

Since outside is a cold mess, I will continue to work out in my living room.

The 30 Day Sculpt is working for me.  Week 1 is over.  Only 4 more weeks to go.  My body is feeling it.  Since I took last Sunday as a rest day I have worked out every day.  Next rest day will be Wednesday.  It seems so far away. lol

Now if I could just all my tail out of bed earlier in the morning and do my workout then, I’d be a happier girl.


Comments on: "PGH – 1/6/14" (4)

  1. SOOOO cold!! I went out today to take a photo for about 2 minutes and *FROZE* Think it’s like -41 now here… 😦
    PS – I burnt a grilled cheese today and thought of you… “tanned” like your cookies… 😉

  2. I am back to exercise today after a too-long vacation break. It felt good, actually! What does PGH mean?

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