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Fiscal Fast – Day 7

If I don’t leave the house then I don’t spend money.  Interesting concept.  Too bad it’s not realistic. lol

So far I technically have not spent any money.  I did write a cheque for my condo maintenance fees.  Figured it’s probably better if I do that sooner rather than later. 😉  It will take the management company at least a week or more to cash it.  It is a little annoying waiting for cheques to be cashed.

I went out today to my scheduled lunch and only spent what I budgeted. 🙂

Other than those two instances I am keeping my hands out of my wallet. 🙂 I wish I could be kicking butt like Sharon, who is rocking her fiscal fast.

Since I spent money today I added an extra day to my fiscal fast.  So on Thursday I will hit the grocery store.  Diva is already “rationing” the last 2 bags of milk we have.  That child and her milk addiction.


On the menu planning front I must make a small big medium confession.  I like to menu plan on my couch and from memory instead of in front of my fridge and freezer.  So instead of looking in my fridge on Sunday, I winged it.  I have yet to have anything on my menu except for leftovers.  And they were not the leftovers I was planning to eat.

I found a piece of cabbage that my Aunt gave me that I forgot about and made coleslaw yesterday using this Classic Coleslaw recipe.  Last night’s dinner was leftover Mexican lasagna meat filling and rice for Princess & I.  Diva ate the leftover meatballs and bread, along with some rice and salt fish.  Tonight we had ribs, sidekicks and coleslaw.  All leftovers from the past few days. 🙂  The fridge is starting to look bare. 🙂

Even though I went “off script”, I am feeling very good about using up all those leftovers.  Usually the food lingers in my fridge and it’s a fight to get it eaten before it dies.

We are moving in the right direction in our war against food waste.

Tomorrow’s dinner will be chicken ravioli with sauce and leftover coleslaw.  I still have some broccoli and Brussels sprouts to use up.  So tomorrow’s dinner might be veggie heavy. 🙂


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  1. You are too kind! I actually broke my fast today at the grocery store. Felt weird. BUT, we were running low on fruits and veggies, so I decided it was time. Eating leftovers is awesome…so much better than wasting them! I, unfortunately, had a bunch of waste. (Couldn’t eat the holiday leftovers in time before they went bad. :()

    Good luck on your fast today! :)!

  2. […] strayed away from the meal plan again.  I found some turkey pepperoni and a green pepper.  It’s amazing how things jump out at […]

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