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One frozen bird

I don’t know if I ever mentioned that I am a tropical bird.  I do not like extreme temperatures, hot or cold.  If I could figure out a place that is

Today is testing me.



For my American friends, this translates to -1F feeling like -22F.  *crying quietly*

I pray for the homeless.  As I can’t even imagine what that life is like in “nice” weather.  Today is just too much.

I live in an old building.  Which apparently needs new windows.  This is the view from Diva’s bedroom.

Diva's window


The dining room is not much better.  At least it’s sunny out.  I think that helps trick my mind a little.

Dining room window


And imagine I vetoed putting plastic on the windows.  What what I thinking?

Last night the wind made me jump a few times.  The windows were rattling far too much for my liking.

Right now I am having dreams of this.


Think if I click my heels hard enough I can get back here?

Where ever you are, I hope that you are safe and warm.



Comments on: "One frozen bird" (6)

  1. Our cold is not as bad as your cold but it still feels miserable. I have decided my preferred outdoor temperature range is 10-28C 🙂

  2. I have said this before but I bow down to Canadians! I seriously cannot even imagine “feels like -30C.” Melbourne generally is in the 10-28C range, but we have occasional spikes up to 43C or so several days each summer.

    • If I could have left I would have. I think this is the coldest it’s been in a long time. I read in the news that Australia is having a heat wave. Between the two I think I would choose cold as I can always put on more clothes. 😉

  3. I’m dreaming of the beach too. I pray for the homeless too. It is so cold here. Im north of Chicago and we hit -40 with the windchill. Yuck. I hate the cold. I’m a hot weather lover. 90 and I’m happy as can be.

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