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The Fiscal Fast is done!

Here’s how my spending went.

Jan 1 – $0.00
Jan 2 – $0.00
Jan 3 – $0.00
Jan 4 – $0.00
Jan 5 – $0.00
Jan 6 – $0.00 (gave monthly cheque for maintenance but the $ is still in my account 😉 so I’m counting it as no spend)
Jan 7 – $17.00 sushi lunch (planned)
Jan 8 – $0.00
Jan 9 – $0.00

I did a bit of grocery shopping on December 30th, mainly to stock up on milk.  Diva when not “supervised” can drink a bag (1.33 L) of milk a day.  She was warned that I was not shopping for the first 7 days of January.  We started with 6 bags of milk.  We are now on our last bag.  

I used the milk as my “guide” as to when to go grocery shopping.

My fridge


My fridge reminds me of when Simply Being Mum does her weekly “No Waste Tastes Great” posts.

According to Diva, I MUST go shopping as we have no food.  The freezers still are full, but Diva is not convinced.

So far this month I am extremely happy with our food consumption.  We have used up most of our produce with minimal spoilage.

I strayed away from the meal plan again.  I found some turkey pepperoni and a green pepper.  It’s amazing how things jump out at you when the fridge is empty!! LOL  Since I had some spaghetti sauce left over from yesterday’s chicken ravioli, I combined pasta, pepperoni, green pepper, onion, the sauce with cheese and baked it.

Pasta bake


Princess said it tasted like pizza. 🙂

Add in some broccoli and we are happy and full.

Pasta and broccoli


Since the fridge has not been this empty in a long while I am going to use this opportunity to give it a good scrubbing before refilling it.  I will also be looking at the expiry dates of everything before putting it back.

Many thanks to Sharon for suggesting this Fiscal Fast.

Comments on: "The Fiscal Fast is done!" (6)

  1. Well done!!! 🙂 Have fun cleaning your fridge! 😉 I should do mine soon too… lol! ~

  2. You did great! I love you clean fridge! :)!

  3. 8 ‘No Spend Days’ is just amazing! Way to go. Great way to use leftovers with the pasta bake (and yum!)

  4. […] Fiscal fast for the first 8 days of January, with the exception of a lunch on Jan 7 – Done […]

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