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OTMTW – 1/12/14



I was wandering through HomeSense yesterday when I came upon this weekly erasable “print” for lack of a better description.  I bought it to put on my fridge figuring if I write the menu on the fridge it will serve 3 purposes.

  1. Get me to the fridge to look to see what we have
  2. Remind me what we are supposed to be eating each day
  3. Alert the kids what is for dinner

Menu plan


It is actually one of those clings that you can peel off and stick but that seemed like too much of a commitment so I put it up with magnets. lol


So far I have not gone grocery shopping other than picking up milk yesterday.  I was supposed to go to the store but the food coma I was fighting made logical thought impossible.

I made this week’s menu based on what’s already in my house.  Other than apples I am out of fresh produce.  I am going to use this as my guide as to when to go to the store. 😉 We are already on our second bag of milk so I may be at the store sooner than later. Better check the flyers and see if there is anything “good” on sale.

I baked rolls today so the kids have something to take for lunch.  I will have to supplement that with something hot as Diva is not a fan of sandwiches.  Other than that I think we are good to go on the food front.

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  1. Very nice meal planner! I really find it helps to have things “in my face” like the meal planner. Also helps with the “what’s for dinner” questions.

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