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OTMTW – 1/19/14

As promised.

Menu for wk of 1/19/14


We did not have fish sticks today as Diva pulled chicken strips out of the freezer instead.  And since she took charge of making dinner I kept my mouth shut!

Since my oven was hot, I decided to finally make some banana chocolate chip muffins using some not so pretty bananas.  Yeah no food waste. 🙂

Banana chocolate chip muffins


I use this recipe.   Since I freeze my butter, I have occasionally switched out the butter for coconut oil, which Princess hates.  This time I used a single serving cup of applesauce instead of butter.  Princess did not say anything so it’s safe to say she did not notice.  Yeah!  I will taste test tomorrow. 😉


Comments on: "OTMTW – 1/19/14" (6)

  1. princess and diva are your daughters ?

    Also them muffins look so fab I want some 🙂

  2. Your muffins look tasty! Congrats on not wasting food!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Well done! I have been making banana cranberry muffins lately with yogurt to fluff, maybe I will throw some apple sauce in there too!

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