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Learning my limits

*So I swear I published this on Saturday but clearly I was wrong*

I used to be able to eat with abandonment.  But lately I am painfully learning that is no longer my ability.  I am really hoping it’s a temporary thing.

On Thursday I took my BFF to have some elective surgery done on her tongue.  To thank me she took me to a buffet where I didn’t think I ate that much but … I did not need eat dinner that night.  When I counted my calories I had over 1500 at lunch alone. 😦

I am not sure if it was the quality or quantity, but I felt like crap Friday morning.

I did not inherit my mother’s “cast iron” stomach.  My Mom can eat just about anything without any adverse reactions.

So it was because I was weak from Tuesday or Thursday’s Chinese buffet really was just not right, but either way I’m labeling this as a cumulative effect.  I am calling it a fluke and unless I have tummy issues this week, it’s a one-off in my book. 😉

Thankfully today I am back to feeling like myself.

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