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PGH – 1/30/14

30 Day sculpt


I am still working my way through this video.  I am on the last week.  Only 2 more workouts to go and then I have done this entire video, all 5 weeks of it.  I have exercised every day this month except for 2 days.

This weekend I will step on the scale and pull out the tape measure to see what, if any, changes occurred.  There had better be some changes.

I got notice from the library that this “gem” is waiting for me.

Hard Body (Source)

I have been waiting quite some time for this DVD and will pick it up tomorrow.  I will try it at least once. 😉

My plan for next month is to do Ripped in 30 again.  That should keep me occupied for a bit.



Comments on: "PGH – 1/30/14" (4)

  1. I am very impressed by the workouts you do! Tell me what PGH is?

  2. You have worked out every day but 2 this month? That is a stellar effort!

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