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Have you seen my mind?

I’m pretty sure I’ve lost it somewhere out there.

So you know how yesterday I was telling you that I spent Saturday looking at chicken wing recipes and found one I thought might work but then I couldn’t find it again.

Then I spent some more time yesterday looking for it.

Racking my brain as you would think that with all the big brother like Google metrics happening, that the website I was on would have popped up as having been visited and it didn’t.

For a while it was driving me crazy.  And that’s a short trip. 😉

Well …

The reason I couldn’t find it online is …

because …

the recipe was in my inbox.

*facepalm* O_o

Pray for me I am obviously having some issues. LOL



Comments on: "Have you seen my mind?" (2)

  1. My mind is hanging out with yours. lol

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