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One of those days

I was supposed to be productive today … but … I wanted it to be a lazy day and it kind of was.

It was a very relaxing morning.  Diva took forever to get up, so I had plenty of time to watch some of the not so child friendly programming on my PVR. 🙂

In the afternoon, I made a deep conditioner for my kids’ hair using a can of expired coconut milk.  Put it in Diva’s hair and then ran out to pick up Princess from her BFF.  I then deep conditioned Princess’ hair.  Both my girls need a trim, but they refuse to let me do it.  So I will have to figure out a time to get them to the hairdresser.  It’s not happening anytime soon.

All my running around yesterday prompted me to buy take out Chinese for dinner.  It’s one of my favourite things to order as there is always leftovers. 🙂 So that took care of most of today’s meals.  And I still have enough for lunch for all of us tomorrow.  Best dinner for 4 ever!!

I still need to figure out what dinner will be for the rest of this week.  I need to get some veggies and a few things from Costco.  I am not looking forward to that trip.  I should have gone to Costco on Friday.  I will fight with the crowds tomorrow. 😦


Comments on: "One of those days" (2)

  1. Mmmm i love chiness but its not the healthiest. To balance out yesterdays relaxing day you should do somethig you’ve been wanting too get done like declutterig 🙂 im in such a motivate others mood today haha i even have a huge to do list as you can read on my nlog 🙂

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