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Belly bloat is no joke

For the past few weeks/months I have been craving steak.  So when one of my friends suggested we get together for dinner, The KegSteakhouse seemed like a good choice.  When I was last there I tried a mini creme brulee and enjoyed it.  So when I was there on Thursday I ordered a full size one.

And for a while I was good.  A little over stuffed but good.

Until I went to bed.  

I don’t know if it was the shift from vertical to horizontal but my stomach started talking to me … loudly.  At one point I thought I was re-enacting that scene from Alien where the alien pops out.  

Of course I don’t stock things like Pepto or Tums so I gathered what strength I had and warmed up my magic bean bag.  

I spent the night curled around it.

Yesterday morning I could not straighten up without pain so I took the day off and hobbled around the house.  Eventually the pain subsided but the bloat is taking it’s own sweet time to go away.

I still have a little bloat this morning which I am going to possibly irritate by going to an all you can eat sushi lunch.  I would cancel but since this lunch has been rescheduled twice already I feel like I should just take one for the team.

Here’s hoping that I don’t make things any worst.

For the record, I am totally blaming the creme brulee for my troubles.

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  1. […] off the prize.  On the financial front I was 1.44% over my monthly budget and I blame that on the creme brulee.  Had I not gone out to dinner with my friend I would have been under budget.  Lucky me I get […]

  2. That sounds like a serious case of belly-ache 😦 Not good to hear that but I have to admit to a massive hit of nostalgia seeing a mention of the Keg!

    That chain came out to Australia and trained up a lot of staff back in the 90s…my husband worked there part-time through Uni along with many, many friends. We all spent a lot of time hanging out there…fond memories! I think the chain’s gone out of business here. I’ll have to come to Toronto to relive the good times 😉

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