Random thoughts of an upbeat mind


Last night I felt like I was hit by a Mack truck, I was so tired and achy.  I think I am fighting germs. 😦

On the positive side, I did drag my kids to Costco to get our passport pictures taken.  Unfortunately I did not cross paths with their father so he could sign Diva’s application.  Princess is getting her first adult passport.  My baby is growing up.  She is delighted by the thought of traveling without me.  My feelings would be hurt except she can’t afford to go anywhere without me yet.  **Cue evil laugh**

I had thoughts of getting to the passport office this morning, but without Diva’s completed application and the tiredness that idea went out the window.  I would only like to go to the passport office once.  So I have this weekend to nail down their father and first thing Monday morning I will be at my local office, praying that it’s not super busy.  I am hoping that since it’s March break everyone who wanted/needed a passport has already done so.

I think because I know I can’t travel I now really want to.  Well, that and the -30+ temperatures and multiple feet of snow.  I am having thoughts of finally trying Trader Joe’s cookie butter, which requires a trip to Buffalo!! 🙂


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