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Baking up a storm

In light of my girls being home for March break, I am going to bake a few things they can easily help themselves to.  My children are lazy.  If it’s not easy to do, they don’t want to do it.  For example I used to bake loaves of bread and they would spoil as my little angels didn’t want to bothered to slice bread.  Now I make rolls and they get demolished.

Today I am making rolls, banana chocolate chip muffins and chocolate butterscotch cheesecake cookies, in the hopes that I won’t come home in the afternoon to hear no one has eaten.

The muffins called for whole wheat flour which I happen to notice that my bag has expired.  I still used it.  Shhhh, don’t tell my children.  Since I want to use it up I substituted 1 cup of all-purpose with whole wheat when I made my rolls.  I am sure they will object but I am hoping they do not notice.

This might be the first time ever I have come close to using out a container of mayo.  I buy the smallest jar possible but we are not a mayo family.  Princess is really the only one who uses it and when she does it only goes on sandwiches made with deli meat.  If this muffin recipe works out I will have to keep it on file just as a way to use up mayo.

Since I knew I was making the cookies this weekend I actually went out and bought butterscotch chips.  Last time I made these cookies, I just used all chocolate.  It was “hard” to get them all down hatch! LOL

I’ll be back with pictures to torture you shortly.



Comments on: "Baking up a storm" (2)

  1. That will make for a great March Break for them! I am told that a truck providing fresh doughnuts will be parked at my workplace during March Break. Thinking I will be their best customer!

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