Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

A good start

I made a dent.

Smaller messIn the brown box is my mother’s mail that was given to me to sort.  In the two boxes to the right of the brown box are full of candles.  Hush I had a problem.  Underneath the brown box is a box of pictures and under it is a box of unfinished yarn crafts.  The white box to the left is full of CDs.  It is one of two.

Here is the other.

Box of CDsThose are the ones I still have to rip.

Below are the ones I have ripped to my computer.

Ripped CDsMy plan is to rip them all to my computer and then sell or give away what’s left.  These CDs have been sitting in those boxes since I moved 6.5 years ago.  The task of ripping them seemed to be too time consuming.  But the time is going to pass anyway so I might as well just do a little every day and then they will be done. 🙂

Sadly when I look at them all I see are dollars spent. 😦

While I was attacking the mess, my girls worked together and cleaned both their rooms.  I did not take pictures but I am impressed.

This is the pile of stuff to go to Goodwill.  I took the hard drives out of these old computers as it was easier than trying to delete them.

Stuff to goTomorrow I will be loading it all up and getting it out of here!!

It is freeing getting rid of stuff.  Now to settle in to watch Man of Steel after all my hard work.

Comments on: "A good start" (10)

  1. Congratulations! I am trying to spend more organizing and dealing with clutter.

  2. Good work! I must say I’m relieved not to be the only person with bins of candles 🙂 I don’t have the same feelings about CDs. When I look at mine, I think of the thousands of hours of listening pleasure!

  3. Wow… i’m doing horribly with my decluttering challenge this month! 😦 I need to step it up & fast! Eek!!

  4. That’s heaps of work. I decluttered my CDs as well…I honestly have not looked back. It took ages to do it but ever since then (coming up for 4 years) I’ve been so glad not to have to find the extra shelf space for storage. Are you going to keep the candles and the yarn crafts?

    • For now I am going to keep the candles and yarn. I am banned from buying anymore of either until I used them up. Sadly as cold as this winter was I did not burn as much as I thought I would or should have. I am slowly going to work through all my yarn projects. 😉

  5. […] I am back on the decluttering bandwagon.  I still have that last box of CDs to rip.  Yes I know this has been a long ongoing saga and it’s not like there is much work to […]

  6. […] am back to tackling the box of CDs again. LOL  I really need to get this […]

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