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Where did the day go?

I don’t know how it is now past my bedtime.

The girls got up late and we dashed to the grocery store that my sister works at to do a little shopping.  After than we went to get our eyebrows done and the wait was longer than usual.

I brought my sister home with me so we could finally watch Arrow from 2 weeks ago.  Before doing that we loaded up the car with all the goodies to donate.  I’m sure I could have sold them but it just seemed like more work that I really want to take on.  My sister and I took the stuff to the local Value Village and then went to another grocery store to pick up a few more things.

I made KD for dinner.  Don’t judge me.

I put Diva’s hair in twists and blow dried Princess’ straight.  I bought some Indian powders a while ago.  Today I finally made them into a paste and put it in my hair to deep condition it.  I put Amla and Brahni powder in my hair which is supposed to make my hair darker and stronger.   The paste looked like mud.  I put it in my hair and it was alright.  My bath tub looked like I was hanging out by the river’s edge while I was rinsing it out.    As much as I tried to wash it all out of my hair, I still have some “grit”. 😦  I can’t say for sure that I really noticed a real difference in my hair.

Ok, bedtime for me for sure now.



Comments on: "Where did the day go?" (6)

  1. I prefer to donate stuff instead of selling it, too – same reason. I love KD 🙂

  2. What is KD?

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