Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

I broke my budget.  I left the country and did not resist the lure of Wal-Mart, Target Wegman’s or Sam’s Club.  Others go shopping and buy clothes, shoes and purses. I buy food, dvds and health and beauty stuff.  I know I’m a wild one!! LOL

I recently renewed my passport and watched the mailbox like a hawk.  Everyone else I know got their passport in exactly a week.  Mine took 9 days. 😦  But the minute I got it in my hot little hands I was plotting to try it out.

On the plus side I did manage to find an “affordable” copy of Barre Basics.

Exhale: Core fusion


Tomorrow is the start of my “at least 10 minutes a day” workout plan.

I still have not tallied my weekend spending.  What I know for sure is I am over the amount allotted to me by Canadian Customs, which is $200.  Shhhh don’t tell my government.  Not all of it is for me.  A friend asked me to pick up some things.  Plus I really tried to stick to buying products I can’t get in Canada like Aussie conditioner.  That bottle of conditioner is worth its weight in gold.

I had a great time.

My only little hiccup is that I bought Brave but I didn’t check the receipt until I got home and realized I paid $6 more that the sticker price. 😦  I am debating holding on to the receipt and the movie and on my next trip going back to the store for my money.  Depending on how far in the future that trip is I might actually do it. Or I see a great reason to go back! lol

On the decluttering front, I have ripped one box of CDs.  The other box is quietly calling my name.  I will pull it out tomorrow.  I don’t think I can get it all ripped by month end but I am willing to give it a better try that I have in the past.

As for working out … yeah let’s talk about that tomorrow. 😉


Comments on: "March Take 3 challenge update #2" (4)

  1. Sounds like a fun trip! Which Aussie products can’t you get locally – I thought they were everywhere? I am very proud of you for your progress on ripping the CDs 🙂

  2. Great work on the ripping – I hope you’ll be so glad you did it in the end (I was and still am.)

    Which Aussie conditioner is it?! Lol, I’m probably buying conditioner from Canada or the US and ignoring whatever is available on our doorstep.

    • I bought the 3 minute miracle treatment and the regular conditioner. I used to use the 3 minute miracle treatment a long long time ago and forgot about it. I bought a couple of bottles recently and loved them. Then Diva discovered them … and well you can see why I needed more.

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