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PGH – 3/25/14

I have fallen off the exercise bandwagon … again.

Ever since I learned the battery in my scale had died, I’ve let getting back to healthy lag a little.  I am still counting my calories but I am not working out.  The last time I exercised was 2 weeks ago. 😦

And let’s not talk about the late night snacking that still continues.  I don’t think I’m hungry.  I think that it’s boredom.  I picked up my blanket in the hopes that crocheting would keep my hands busy making it less likely for me to eat.

Today I did my minimum 10 minutes.

Tomorrow morning I have to get up early to drop Diva at school so I am going to exercise when I return and get that monkey off my back.  My plan is to make the commitment.  Easily said now that I’m starting to feel flabby again.


Comments on: "PGH – 3/25/14" (8)

  1. I’m sure there’s no sides or end board on my wagon – I’ve fallen off it that many times recently it’s not funny BUT I got back on it again this morning!
    Water Aerobics this morning – definitely worked muscles as I’m aching all over the evening lol

  2. At least you did your 10 minutes today and got the cycle going again.

    I’ve fallen off the wagon badly because we have had late-night work commitments…busy…excuses 😦

  3. I haven’t done well these past two weeks either – extra work meetings have messed with my routine, and I didn’t make up for it. Getting back to it this week too!

  4. Right before bed as your self – did I workout today. If not ; then simply do some sit ups and push ups and squats or jumping jacks, so therefore you did do something that day.

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