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Today is Princess’ 16th birthday.  Have mercy.  My child now thinks she automatically get to start driving.  I’m not sure there is enough wine/Advil/rum to make this transition easier on me. LOL

Originally she wanted to have a movie party except the movies out now don’t interest her.  So we are waiting for Captain America: The Winter Soldier next weekend.  She will take a couple of friends.  I asked her if she wanted a big party and she declined.

Like the “good” mother I do not claim to be, I currently have her making her own birthday breakfast.  To her credit, she took over as I was busy with the laundry so it’s like she brought it on herself. LOL

For my kids’ birthdays we always go to the restaurant of their choosing for their birthday dinner.  Princess chose Nando’s, because one of the members of One Direction loves it.  *eye roll*  Whatever floats her boat.  According to my BFF who is trying to tag along it is really good chicken.

Before our dinner out I really need to get 2 loads of laundry done, wash the kitchen floor and my hair and at least get the buns made.  Secondary is the meal plan for this coming week.  Really need to get back on my game with that.

Alright I am off to get my chores started.


Comments on: "It’s a day of celebration" (4)

  1. Hope it’s a happy birthday! 16 is a good age, I thought. You can see some of the future adult emerging.

  2. Hope she has a very sweet 16th.
    (and side note: your girls have such lovely, unspoilt manners. That’s very kind that she took over the breakfast while you were busy.)

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