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OTMTW – 3/30/14

Menu 03/30/14

Firstly NO, I am not early for next week but rather very late for this past week. LOL  But since I took the picture last week and have yet to post it I figure why not.  I actually meant to do this post on Thursday but then time got away from me and I thought I should probably do something responsible like sleep.

It was a chicken week.  I am not a big fan of chicken but I have a tonne of it in my house so it’s got to get eaten.

When I went to the States 2 weeks ago I bought every type of chicken sausage that Wal-mart had.

Chicken sausages

So far we had the 3 cheese ones (on far right) in pasta sauce and the nacho ones by themselves with macaroni pie on the side.  The nacho ones were not a favourite with my kids.  I’m glad I didn’t do my usual stock up with multiples.

Now to make taco seasoning and combine that with some Rotel tomatoes in the slow cooker to make shredded chicken.


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  1. Somebody really likes her sausage 🙂 Al fresco is one of our favorite kinds (even though it’s a little expensive). I really like the sweet apple kind even though it sounds unusual.

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