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We went for a dress …

Firstly we left 1 hour later than planned.  Traffic to the border was not too bad for a long weekend.  As we got closer to the border, there were signs that the wait was 2-3 hours at 2 of the three bridges; 30-60 minutes at the other.

OMG Noooo!!!

As a frequent border crosser, I have some tricks.  So we went to the bridge with the shortest wait.  We were through in less than 20 minutes. 🙂

First we hit the outlet mall in Niagara Falls.  I made a rookie mistake of going into Marshall’s and finding something I wanted to while I was waiting in line I told the girls to go ahead to the mall.  When I was finished paying for my book, I walked the mall twice before I found them.  They had barely moved from the entrance of the mall.  Say what!?!

These girls had stopped in the Adidas outlet store.  Ummm hello!?!  We are here for a prom dress.

We walked the entire outlet mall.  My sister saw nothing she liked.  We forced her to try on one dress.  She did not like it.  Probably a good thing as the price was close to $200.

We then went to Burlington Coat Factory.  She didn’t see anything she liked there.  I found a pot.  Don’t judge me.  LOL

We spent time trying to explain to my sister that she needs to try things on because a lot of dresses look mediocre on the hanger.

She was a little more agreeable in Macy’s and tried on 3 dresses.  Of the 3, the one she liked the most was $180.  And she did not like it that much.  So we went to stroll the mall.

At this point her energy level is starting to wane.  She is looking tired and dejected.  My kids are still raring to go.  Of course they are ready to shop for themselves, so I let them wander the mall.  This time agreeing to meet at a certain spot.

My sister and I walked the mall and she went into a few more stores but it really wasn’t the same.  She ended up trying on 2 more dresses but wouldn’t even come out of the dressing room to show me.

The hardest part of all of this is that I didn’t get any feedback from her.  It was just “no, not this dress”. She has a very narrow view of what she wants and will not stray from it.  Ideally the dress is blue, one shoulder and “flowy” without any shiny objects.

Needless to say she was very disappointed by the end of the evening.

Since we didn’t find a dress, she wanted to go back to the outlet mall to get some t-shirts from Adidas.  So we went back to the outlet mall and I don’t know what happened but my sister changed.  All of a sudden she was high energy.  She was running through the mall looking for the Foot Locker.

While in Adidas I did grill her about whether or not she needed the 2 t-shirts that she wanted to buy.  I just wanted to make sure that she was not buying clothes that she was familiar with because she didn’t find a dress.

It was a long day.  We did not get home until after 11.  I am not sure I would sign up to do this again.  She is such a contrast to my girls.  My girls were itching to try on dresses.  In fact Princess found this very nice dress that she was trying to convince me to buy for her prom 2 years away. LOL

Comments on: "We went for a dress …" (4)

  1. I am a bit like your sister with shopping. I need to go on 3-4 trips because I can never find what I want before my energy level flags. It’s exhausting shopping! That is definitely a huge day though – and no dress to show at the end. She might need to do a few shorter trips to find “the one”!

    • The issue is she’s way out of her element. The last time she wore a dress was Grade 8 graduation. Poor girl but lucky for her my girls like to shop and are more than willing to drag her along. 😉

  2. I would find that frustrating, I think. If this was her first dress shopping trip, maybe a good goal would have been to look around and see what’s available, then try some on next time? But since you travelled state-side and had access to some good deals, that must have been difficult! Do you think she has ambivalent feelings about attending prom?

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