Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

Every night this week I have some thing to do.

Last night we went to the chiropractor.

Tonight we went to do our eyebrows.

Tomorrow I am going to see my cousin.

Thursday I am getting together for my monthly all you can eat sushi dinner.

Friday I am taking my car to the mechanic as it is making some creaky noises that I didn’t notice before.

If the mechanic finds an issue with my car then I will be returning bright and early Saturday morning to get my car fixed.

Sunday is a birthday party for an Aunt who is visiting from the States.

Most of the time my life is very quiet and mundane.  But every so often it seems like I’m the life of the party!! LOL

I need to get my tail up in the morning and do at least 10 minutes of exercise as I don’t feel like I can fit it in anywhere else this week.

And I need to get my self into bed at a reasonable hour so I get enough rest.



Comments on: "Willing the weekend to come" (3)

  1. Busy! I am always giving up sleep to get things done. I hope you get enough sleep.

  2. it is good i like it !

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