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Just when I was coming to terms with the loss of my cousin’s son and feeling pretty good about life, the cousin I visit yearly in MD called me to tell me that her cancer is back.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer back in June/July 2011.  It is now in her spine and pelvis.  Her doctor gave her 6 months to 2 years to live.

I can’t even process rational thoughts anymore.  My heart hurts.  I think I’ve cried more tears in the past few weeks that in the entire few years. 😦

We are going to visit next month for her daughter’s high school graduation party.  I’m hoping I can keep it together.

I’m waiting for my cousin to tell her children before I tell mine.  This is going to break their hearts.

I need some good news, anyone have anything good going on?

Comments on: "And the bad news keeps coming" (8)

  1. So sorry to hear your news, Sunny. Good things keep happening but I know it’s hard to see them through tears.

  2. Sunny, so sorry. Even from this distance it is so sobering to hear of the hard times and painful things that happen to people. I don’t know what to say. Wishing you strength and at the very least, the enjoyment of the time you have together with your cousin.

  3. Oh gosh… i’m so sorry.. 😦 (((hugs)))

  4. […] summer will most likely not have a real vacation plus it’s this cousin.  I don’t even want to tell you how I got teary before coming here.  I don’t want her […]

  5. […] who was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer back in 2011, she fought and beat it and then it came back last year […]

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