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New routine

I need a new routine.  I feel like there is never enough time for everything I want to do.

I have thought about writing a post many times.  As you can see that’s not translating to action.

I am not working out.  I have to get back on the wagon.  I feel tired all the time. 😦  My eyes are always sore.  #$%^@# you allergy season!!!

As much as I enjoy my new job I am dragging to get out of bed most mornings.  I just don’t get to bed early enough.  I wish I could tell you I am doing something important or productive.  But sadly that is not the case.

Since I absolutely have to be on time I ended up moving my alarm to 30 minutes earlier.  And while my eyes open, I just don’t get out of bed until I’ve hot snooze twice. 😦  That’s part of the reason I changed my alarm.

Tonight, I have to pick up Diva at 11 pm.  She’s at her athletic banquet.

I don’t see me working out in the morning tomorrow.  Hopefully I can get up after 1 snooze. 😉


Comments on: "New routine" (6)

  1. I had that feeling last week, but it passed for me. I’m still behind, but I’m more okay with it. Be kind to your self and prioritize. I no where near got done what I would love to accomplish. However, I did get a small run in and washed some dishes that have been laughing at me in the kitchen longer than I care to admit.

  2. I agree you should just be kind to yourself! Sometimes it’s kinder to sleep 10 more minutes and sometimes it feels better to work out or get the dishes over with, I think!

  3. There’s always an adjustment phase with a new job. Sometimes it can take 6 months or more to get into a routine. I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself so soon after a major change like a new job.

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