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I did a bad bad thing

Last year when I was in MD, my cousin told me she would be having a graduation party for her oldest daughter in June.  I agreed to go.

When I was at my old job I thought no problem I would just take Friday off and drive down.

Then I changed jobs …

Since I haven’t been here long and one of my co-workers seemed to have a mini meltdown when someone else took the day off I changed my plan and decided to just drive down after work.

Then I remembered I am not young any more.  Making a 8+ hour drive after working 8 hours was just plain nuts.

So yesterday I called in “sick”. 😦

Don’t judge me.  I actually do feel a little guilty about this.

This summer will most likely not have a real vacation plus it’s this cousin.  I don’t even want to tell you how I got teary before coming here.  I don’t want her to get that energy from me.  I have been one of the few who just rolls with it and remains positive.  So if you are the praying sort, please feel free to add my cousin in the mix.  Cause God knows I am praying for a miracle.

Anyhoo …

I am now sitting in my cousin’s kitchen about to make pine tarts and cheese straws for a party of 70+ that is scheduled to start at 4.  I made all the dough when I was at home.  I just need to assemble and bake and be out of the kitchen before 1.

I hope the pine tarts taste good as this is my first time making them.


Comments on: "I did a bad bad thing" (7)

  1. wasn’t sure what pine tarts were so looked them up and they are pineapple. They sure sound good I will have to have a go at making them.


  2. No judgment! Very important occasion, and if you had been refused the day off you probably would really have felt sick about not being there.

  3. That is wonderful that you went and that you’re there with your cousin now. I would normally feel guilty about taking a ‘sickie’…but not in this situation. Not at all. An 8 hour drive each way is intense. Take plenty of breaks!

  4. Meh.. that’s a LONG drive… I don’t think its a “biggie” in the greater scheme of things. 😉

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