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Cheap for the win

I inadvertently got some exercise today.  Yeah me!!

Since I need to get my brakes done and I don’t want to get up early tomorrow morning to go to the mechanic, I left my car there this afternoon and walked home.

I would have taken the bus except it seemed ridiculous to take the bus 6 bus stops.  Plus bus fare is $3!?!  Seems like a lot.  I think I am becoming cheap in my “old” age.

Anyhoo …

I got a nice 20 minute walk and will get another one tomorrow when I go pick up my car.  I am hoping that the bill isn’t going to make me want to stand on the street corner with a hat.

I hope that my car is ready before noon.  My BFF is thinking about going downtown for some festival or another and I would like to tag along.  If not, I think I’ll take my girls to see Maleficent.  Diva who never wants to go to the movies has asked to go.

Other than that I plan to take it easy and do some much-needed cleaning and relaxing.



Comments on: "Cheap for the win" (7)

  1. Good for you! 🙂 A 20 min. walk is a nice little chunk of exercise! I want to see Malificent too!! Looks great! And Angelina is fabulous I think!! Post if you go with a review! 🙂

  2. […] thing I walked home yesterday and saved all that money. LOL […]

  3. Life is a series of little steps to reach a goal. Keep up the walking and make a goal for doing a little more activity and you’ll have more “sunny days” ahead.

  4. Dropping off and picking up a car from the shop is always such a hassle; being able to walk would be great!

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