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Not present

2 weeks ago I bought a toaster oven on the way home from my cousin’s house.  I mulled it over for far too long as really it’s just a toaster oven.  I ended up letting price be the deciding factor.

I wanted a big toaster oven so when Diva reheats pieces of fried chicken she doesn’t burn down the house or the food.  My goal is to encourage the children to use the toaster oven instead of the regular oven.  Gotta try to keep the electricity bill down.

I originally bought this one made by Oster.

toaster oven

I meal planned and had pork loins ready to try out in it.  BUT … when I pulled it out of the box, the bottom knob was missing.  I searched the box but no luck.  This appliance was going back.

A quick look online told me my closest Wal-Mart did not have any in stock and I wasn’t sure I wanted the same model and the reviews were not that great.

Since I had to check on my Dad’s house last weekend I figured I’d stop at Wal-Mart on my way.  Well that didn’t quite work out as I was running late to meet up with a friend so I ended up at my local Wal-Mart which had 4 boxes of the model I was returning.

Anyhoo … a friend of mine recently bought a convection toaster oven which got me thinking that might be the way to go.  So I decided to check them out.  It was between two models that were the same price so I went with the one Princess said was prettier.

I picked up this one.  It also won because it claims to be able to hold a 12″ pizza.

toaster over 2

The price on the shelf was $20 more than I paid for the one I returned.  I knew convection would cost more so I was okay with it.  My girls found bottles of soda that were 2/$1 so that went on the bill as well.

I swiped my card, grabbed my new toaster oven and went home to try it out.  It worked wonderfully and my kids have used it almost daily.

Are you wondering about the title of this post?

Well it was only yesterday when reconciling my budget did I realize I didn’t have the receipt. When I looked online at my credit card statement there was the return of the broken oven and a charge for $11 less than the return.

That can’t be right.

I went to find my weekend purse and sure enough.  The receipt showed the new toaster oven was $40 less that the price listed on the shelf, $10 less than the returned oven.

I had no clue.  If you had asked me I would have told you I paid $80 for it, not $40.

I’m glad it worked in my favour but it’s scary to think how zoned out I was that day that I didn’t even notice I was getting a deal.


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  1. A toaster oven is essential at our house for making cheese toast!

  2. We use our little convection/toaster oven for absolutely *everything*!! We cook most meals in it… saves a lot more energy that turning on the big stove! 🙂 Great deal too!

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