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Starting slow

It have been far too long since I have exercised.

On Wednesday I went out to dinner with my BFF and she declared that she had gained 10 lbs in 3 weeks and needed a partner to go walking with.  I was “voluntold” that would be me.

Friday was supposed to be our first walk but it was raining cats and dogs, it was canceled.

I intended to do something at home, but that didn’t happen.

So this morning when I got up I turned on my DVD player and did a light 10 minutes before I could change my mind.  It’s not much but I was huffing and puffing. 😦  My fitness ability has dramatically dropped. 😦  I gotta get it back.

One of my cousin’s had the idea to do the Toronto Zoo 10K run.  But given our lack of training … this has been deferred.  Plus it is completely booked.  We will have to get on it earlier next year.

I am publicly making the commitment to move every day this month for at least 10 minutes.  I have to get back in the routine of moving.  Time to get Project Get Healthy back on track.

Comments on: "Starting slow" (3)

  1. Ditto. Was glad we didn’t put on weight while we were travelling – we did tons and tons of walking each day to counteract all the eating. But now that we’re back home, we’re still eating + not exercising = not a good outcome!

  2. […] I’m starting slow, I pulled this off the shelf and dusted it off.  I am feeling my muscles […]

  3. […] have been procrastinating working out for most of this month.  Even after I publicly declared that I was going to get back to it.  Yeah epic fail so […]

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