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So over housework

I have probably said this before but in my next life I want a housekeeper.  Someone to take over the monotony of daily/weekly repetitive household chores like laundry, cleaning and cooking.  While the girls help out it just seems like it’s never-ending.  Just when you get your home clean and nice, life happens and you get to do it all over again.

I have debated getting a cleaning lady but then I realized that I have to clean before she comes.  So really all she’s coming to do is run the vacuum … well I have kids for that!! 😉

So I am back on the decluttering bandwagon.  I still have that last box of CDs to rip.  Yes I know this has been a long ongoing saga and it’s not like there is much work to do it.  It’s just very time-consuming.  I would love to get rid of some of the many Disney movies I have in VHS but my girls still watch them.  I am not in the frame of mind to get the DVD versions yet or ever as some of the movies are not my favourites.

This winter will be a candle burning time as I have a couple of storage boxes to use up.

I also need to seriously look into getting a new couch for my living room.  I am waiting until I at least pass my probationary period at work.  Then I will be going on the hunt.  Diva would like a reclining couch.  I just want something comfortable that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.  Especially considering I again thought I might need to get a new fridge as mine was sounding like it was struggling to continue.  It seems that we do not always close the door properly.  Of course this usually happens at night right before we all go to bed.  So the fridge spends all night working hard to keep cool while warm air is coming in through the afar door. 😦  Maybe I’ll look into getting a child safety lock for the fridge.

I now have to finish my laundry and figure out what we are going to have for dinner this week.


Comments on: "So over housework" (2)

  1. I have a ton of candles too – and also a few VHS I’ve held onto, but won’t replace!

  2. The ripping is time-consuming but so worth it once it is done. I would like a cleaner and most especially a laundry fairy. And someone to do my exercise for me 🙂

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