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As my girls get older I am really trying to loosen the apron strings.  During the school year I send them to bed at what I deem is an appropriate hour.  I still had a bit of this power during July as they had summer school.  But lately it is a full on gong show at my place in terms of bedtime.  They are staying up later and later.  Which if they didn’t disturb me I don’t think I would care.  Many times over the past 2 weeks I have been woken up at time that really didn’t work for me.  Thursday night/Friday morning it was 4:30!?!  Colour me not impressed.

I have had many words with them and they are trying but I don’t think they realize how lightly I sleep when there is noise/light present.  Needless to say between the lack of sleep and the long hours at work I am busted.  Next week we are going into prep mode for school and everyone is going to bed before midnight.   Hopefully this will help my constant tiredness.

I am sure that exercising would help the tiredness but I have fallen off that wagon.  “Lucky” for me the elevator is out so I am forced to do a little bit more than usual climbing 4 flights of stairs every day.  I think after the elevator comes back in service I will continue to take the stairs.

My girls are complaining about my late arrivals at home.  This week alone I have put in at least 5 hours of overtime, that I don’t get paid for.  If I worked a 37.5 hour week it might not be so bad but I am already working 40 hours.  This new normal needs to stop.  I supposed it didn’t help that I took a work trip out to visit a client in London, Ontario on Tuesday.  I swear I waved Carla as I was “in the neighbourhood”. LOL

I passed my 3 month probationary period on Wednesday.  The big boss took me to lunch and we talked about my progress.  So far they are happy with me.  I am not sure I can say the same.  This is the first job I’ve been to EVER where my benefits didn’t kick in the day my probation was over.  According to another lady who has been there longer, sometimes you need to stay on management to ensure you get it.  Well at least that was her experience.  Unacceptable.

Passing my 3 months also brings a pay increase.  I am waiting to see if that will be an issue.

What I know for sure is I do like my job 70% of the time, but the level of disorganization is killing me slowly and there really isn’t any time to get organized or make changes. 😦  I will continue to truck along all while still keeping my eyes open for other opportunities.

Now you are relatively caught up.  My apologies for the abandonment.  I hope you don’t have issues because of it.


Comments on: "Can’t wait for school to start" (2)

  1. Lol, no ‘abandoment issues’! Congratulations on making it through probation. It’s always a lot of work settling into a new job. I think a 70% satisfaction rate at 3 months might hopefully translate to about 80% at 6 months. The extra work hours though can really bite into life / family time.

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