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18 flights

I may not be able to walk tomorrow.

I went to my BFF’s apartment, dropped my purse and made her get ready.  She didn’t really think we were going.  Silly girl.

She lives on the 18th floor … at the end of the hall … right beside the stairwell.

You see where I’m going with this right?

Going downstairs was not bad at all.  Then we walked to the track and walked around the track 6 or 7 times.  I lost count.  At that point, it was dark and my watch said we’d been moving for more than 30 minutes so it was time to head back.

We had to pass the elevator to get back to the stairs.

I was very tempted and if it looked like it was going to come soon I would have waited.

Her stairs seem shorter than mine as I was not feeling pain when I hit the 4th floor.  But that was short-lived.

It hurt  BADLY, but I was determined not to stop and not to quit.  I kept thinking of my TV boyfriend Chris Powell when he yells at folks during their fight or flight workout.

When I returned to her apartment, I was spent.  I stretched a bit and waited for my BFF since I left her on the 6th floor.

She came in shortly after and confessed that she only made it to the 11th floor then took the elevator. 😦

We hung out for a while.  Had some wine and cake.  Very counterproductive I know.

Then I came home and almost cried when I realized I would have to walk up 5 flights of stairs to go home.

Comments on: "18 flights" (5)

  1. Sounds like a nightmare!!! Ahhh!! Well, at least you know you worked out and did legs/butt for the week!! lol

  2. It would be great to work up to that much stair-climbing. All at once, maybe not!

  3. 18 flights!! We had to do 7 flights on holidays because I’m scared of lifts. One attempt and my lift-phobia was cured 😉 But 18….I have no words!

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