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Eating out the freezer

Princess has thrown down a challenge.  Even though she’s been complaining that there is no food in the house, she is proposing that other than perishables we not buy anything else until September 15th.

This is completely doable as we have tonnes of meat and carbs in the freezer and pantry.  So other than produce & milk we really don’t need to buy anything.

So I am getting on board.

Tomorrow I am going to pick up milk, yogurt, cream, eggs, some fruits & veggies AND NOTHING ELSE!! LOL  I’m even taking Princess with me to make sure I stay focused.  Although I do want some kind of sugary treat be it ice cream or Popsicles.  Hopefully I can sneak it in the cart when she’s not looking. LOL



Comments on: "Eating out the freezer" (4)

  1. Kudos to her!! We re eating out of our freezer too in the next couple of weeks – I’m trying to clear out some space for freezer meals for November/December.

  2. She sounds like she is well on board with frugality concepts. I hope you managed to sneak a treat though. Kids can be hard task-masters!

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