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Sunday musings

It’s 3:45 pm and all I have eaten is a yogurt and a cup of coffee. 😦  I need to get it together better on the weekends.  As this is the norm.

So far though I have been very productive.  All the laundry is done. Yeah!! 🙂 I’ve pulled out pork chops for dinner.  The kitchen is on its way to being tidy.  The apartment has been dusted and vacuumed.  I’d like to say it’s all me but well we all know how I love to “delegate”.

I am back to tackling the box of CDs again. LOL  I really need to get this done.

Procrastination really should be my middle name.

The elevator is still out of service and expected to be so until next Friday.  Granted they said that it was to be available last Friday so I am not holding out hope right now.  It is okay as I still haven’t really looked at furniture.

I want to trim my hair today.  Random I know, but it’s overdue.

The weather has really turning chilly which means time to pick up my crocheting again.  I have an afghan on the go that I stopped because I got to a part that was not coming together easily.  Time to knock that out of the park and move on.

I went to the eye doctor yesterday and my prescription is the same as it was 2 years ago. 🙂  I am always concerned about going blind.  My kids’ eyes are worst. 😦  My Aunt says it is due to the frequent looking at computers and their iTouches.

I still have to meal plan for the week and finish up the kitchen.  And then it will be time to sit on the couch and take up space.




Comments on: "Sunday musings" (4)

  1. I have a head cold so i’m just feeling sorry for myself today, I just ate breakfast too. lol! Such is life… i’m *supposed* to be working on a baby gift set but feel like death, so i’m nursing a coffee and trying to psyche myself up to sewing so I can stay on track… it’s not working so far. 😦

  2. I swear my eyes are getting worse from iPhones etc. but my prescription has stayed the same, too.

    I hope you are not too many floors up with the elevator not working. Past about 3 floors I start to feel like I’m an actor in one of those DVDs of Pain!

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