Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

It’s that time again

New TV season!!

There are so many new shows and so little time. 😦

Since I don’t have all day to watch TV we have tried to narrow down the list.

First up is Gotham.

Gotham (2014) Poster (Source)

Princess has been on the look out for this show for quite some time.  Even if I wanted to not watch it that is not an option.  My girl even got ready for bed early so there would be no reason not to watch it tonight.

Next up is Forever.

Forever (2014) Poster (Source)

I’m not sure about this one, but I’ll watch a couple of episodes before I make my final decision.

Another Princess pick is Flash.

The Flash (2014) Poster (Source)

Can you tell who is a complete Marvel Comic fanatic??

Lastly one just for me

How to Get Away with Murder (2014) Poster (Source)

Because I need more ideas. 😉 LOL


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