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Missed her by 4 minutes

This past weekend I drove my mother and kids to Corning NY so my mother could participate in The Wineglass Marathon.  We left later than I intended to as  I just couldn’t get it together.  Story of my recent travels it seems.

It was an easy drive.

The race kit pick up was at the Corning Museum of Glass.  There was a small expo and lots of breakables.  With the large crowd we didn’t stay long.

The drop off time on Sunday was 6-7 am.  Not my favourite hour by any means.  I was NOT happy with the layer of frost that was on my car when we got up in the morning.  We really did underestimate the weather.  Silly Canadians thinking that going South would actually be warmer. 😦

In all the various marathons I have gone to with my mother, I can’t think of a time when I actually saw her finish. 😦  She is a slow runner and I can never seem to get the timing right. 😦  This past marathon was no exception.  When we got to the finish line I thought I would just catch her.  This was re-inforced by the fact that her stuff had not been picked up yet.  So we waited.  And waited.  Until we were watching the last few people finish.  At that point they brought the remaining runners stuff up to the finish line and my mother’s was no longer among the pile.  Turns out 10 minutes after I went to see about her stuff she picked it up.  So I went to our pre-arranged meet up spot and found her.

For a small city with minimal shopping, we still managed to do a little damage.  I have not tallied up my receipts yet.  We just hit the usual favourites, Wal-mart, Target, TJ Maxx …

It was a good little get away.

Now I have to pack and get my self together for my crack of dawn flight on Thursday.

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