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Back from Denver

I had thoughts of posting while I was away but I was beyond beat.  The trade show started at 7 each morning.  Even though I decided to keep on Eastern time I still went to bed early for me.

On Thursday after finishing the assembly of the products, I went to TJ Maxx and found what seemed like comfortable shoes.  Well after the first day of standing from 7-4, my feet were on fire!  Saturday’s shift was 7-5.  I hobbled out of the convention center and prayed for new feet.

I went to bed most nights by 8:30/9 pm local time.  It was funny to me as I thought I would have the time or the energy to see some of the city.

Because we started so early it was dark when I drove in so I didn’t see many sights.

Yesterday I made the decision to go in late.  I saw the mountains for the first time and they are beautiful.  I only wished that I had the time to go see them.  The only things I saw on this trip was my hotel, the convention center, the airport and the roads between them.

Today is Thanksgiving and I was “voluntold” to help my step-Mom with dinner.  I need to get myself together for that.  My body is protesting and I still need to pick up my kids.

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  1. I used to travel a bit for conferences and didn’t get to see the cities much, either. You can’t really add sight-seeing days to your trips when you have kids at home. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving & can relax at work this week 🙂

  2. Travelling for work can really take a toll…hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving and are catching up on any post-trip tiredness!

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