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OTMTW – 10/27/14

Guess who’s back to meal planning??????????

If you guessed me you are absolutely correct!!  There is no prize to be won but let the knowledge that you won keep you warm tonight. 🙂

Lately I have been flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to feeding my family. 😦  Some days have been better than other.  Yesterday Diva & I brainstormed about possible dinner options and she came up with sloppy Joe’s.  I made homemade buns and the plan started.

Sunday – Homemade pepperoni pizza using that delicious 2 ingredient pizza dough recipe
Monday – Sloppy Joe sandwiches with coleslaw, I used this recipe but modified it by using onions & garlic instead of powders and added red peppers
Tuesday – Pasta with sausage from this recipe
Wednesday – leftovers
Thursday – stew chicken and rice
Friday – leftovers
Saturday – TBD

For the past couple of weeks my fridge was empty, I did manage to reduce the amount of items in my freezers, but I still have a way to go.  I am slowly toying with the idea of getting rid of my big freezer.  My thought is that I don’t seem to get to the stuff at the bottom. 😦   Going to spend some time really thinking about it.  My cousin has an upright freezer and I like that much better but it’s the size of a fridge, way too big for me.  If I could find a bar fridge size upright freezer I could be sold. 😉


Comments on: "OTMTW – 10/27/14" (4)

  1. Sounds good. I keep thinking about getting a freezer but I can’t seem to commit!

  2. I have to try that 2 ingredient pizza dough. We’ve also been thinking about getting a freezer…but then again, we’re household of 3 as well and I’m not sure we could really keep it stocked.

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