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Adventures in door locks

A couple of weeks ago I started the crock pot and came home to it turned off and cold.  My girls were home so I asked them if they turned it off even though they have never done so in the past.  Of course both of them told me no.  It was very unnerving to me that the crock pot was off.  So I texted the president of the condo board who is home all day and asked if there was a power outage.  Even though I knew there wasn’t, but figured it was probably better to go this route than to flat-out accuse people.

The president said there wasn’t an outage and then he called me.  So I told him what happened.  It just so happened that on this day we received our annual report and according to Princess it was put in the door in such a way that the super would have had to open the door to leave it in between the door and the frame.

In my mind it made sense that he could have smelled the food cooking knowing that no one was home and came in to turn it off.  Seems reasonable and logical.  Alarming but still understandable.

The president checked with the super and he claims that he did not go into my apartment.

I’m not buying it. But without proof what else can I do but change my locks.

The president suggested that maybe there was something wrong with my slow cooker.  I have since used it twice without any issue.

So last night I finally made it to Home Depot and looked at locks.  I was just going to go with the typical deadbolt but before I left Diva suggested we get a lock with a keypad so she didn’t have to worry about being locked out.  This also addressed my desire to not give my key to the super.  If I had a key pad I could give him a code when he called to tell me he needs to get in and change it when I get home.

After a long debate, I bought this one.

Weiser - Weiser Powerbolt Deadbolt, Satin Chrome - GED1460 X26D SMT MS SL - Home Depot Canada (Source)

And had a friend over to help install it.  Over an hour later it was determined that the hole in the door was not big enough to accommodate this new lock properly.  I’m a little afraid to try to make the hole bigger as it is my front door and if it gets messed up I’m not sure what my next step would be.

So I am going back to the store today armed with the knowledge of how big the hole is and see if I can find a lock that will fit my door without having to make any changes.

Wish me luck.


Comments on: "Adventures in door locks" (5)

  1. That’s an awesome lock. I’ve never thought of having a combo one but what a great idea when you do sometimes need to give access.

    The super’s story sounds a bit suspicious. Was the crock pot turned right off at the power point? Or does it have a power shut-off on the appliance itself? I guess it’s possible that the circuit got overloaded and tripped a shut-off. But if it was off at the wall – not possible!

    • My crock pot switched to warm automatically. When I got home it was off like someone had pushed the power button. I turned it back on to test it and it worked fine. And I used it the next week without any problems. It was very unnerving.

  2. That is creepy! A lock with a code would be perfect for your situation. I am waiting for a front door lock with a remote control. I don’t have a garage. When I park my car in the driveway, I use the keyless remote to lock the car door. Then I always seem to click my car door clicker at the door of the house and somehow it never works 🙂 Darn keys.

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