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Yesterday was a good day.  I stopped by the gas station closest to my Mom’s house and they were running a promotion that if you used your Air Miles card you got 3 cents off per litre.  Not a huge amount but I’ll take it.  Next I went to Wal-Mart and the laptop cart that I have been looking at online which said was out of stock was there.


It is much bigger that my other one but I really like it.

The Wal-Mart I went to was next to a Lowe’s so I decided to go in to see if they had another lock that would fit my door.  It really was my day as this lock was on sale 50% off.  Better lock for less than the one I had at home causing me grief!?!  Sign me up!!


I was ready to buy the burnt brass finish even though it didn’t match my door handle because at that price why not. Then I spotted the last silver one. SCORE!!!

It did require me to do a little modification on my door but not much.

This lock has an auto-lock feature which I am having trouble with as the deadbolt needs to be fully extended and the hole in my door frame is not deep enough but other than that it is working out well.  I still have to get Diva to pick a code and then we are good to go.

Scarier thing, as I was putting my lock in my neighbour came to see what  I was up to so I told her the story.  She was ill for a while and when the elevator was being repaired she stayed elsewhere.  She said when she came back the toilet seat in one of her bathrooms was up.  She’s a single woman living alone.  So she too will be changing her locks.

I’m so glad I finally got off my duff and changed the door lock.


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  1. Very smart; I am glad you got that done.

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