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The job offer

So I got my job offer.  It is conditional on passing the background check and providing copies of 2 pieces of photo ID, employment verification of the last two jobs on my resume and a copy of my college diploma.

The companies in question are my current company and the one that went out of business.  I can not find my record of employment from the company that went out of business.  And I’m not exactly comfortable with them contacting my current job considering they do not know I am looking.

As for my diploma … I have not seen it since I graduated back in 2002.  LAWD!?! So tomorrow I will have to see about getting it.

The good news is that my benefits are effective as of my first day which will be December 29 if all works well.

In all of my many jobs, this is the first time any employer has ever been so thorough.  You would swear I am going to be looking at government secrets.

I’m not really sure it’s worth all of this effort but it’s starting to feel like my current job is squeezing me out so I feel like I have no choice. 😦

Hopefully once I start the job, it will all be easy peasy.



Comments on: "The job offer" (2)

  1. i would be happy to work for a company that did such due diligence with its employees!

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