Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

Princess and I hit the stores yesterday and knocked it out of the park.  Okay, well not exactly but we managed to find gifts for everyone I am buying gifts for AND a gift for Princess. LOL

So other than gifts for my kids to open, I am done with Christmas shopping!!  Whoo hoo!!!!

The list looks like this:

sweaters for my Dad & brother
purse for my sister
coffee gift pack for my step-Mom
ginger teas & candies for my Mom
jigsaw puzzle for Princess

I also bought myself a cookbook and a Tiger Tail massage stick.  The stick I may have to return as I think that might be what my Mom is getting me.

At some point today I will do a tally.  I’m fairly sure that I am within budget, but won’t be once I start doling out cash.

During the week I will go out without my girls and see what I can find for them.  As much as Diva loves money, she prefers getting gifts.  Her favourite Christmas memory is one where there were many presents under the tree.  She doesn’t even remember what she got.  It was socks and underwear among other necessities.  The fact that they were wrapped up was all that mattered.  Oh that girl makes me smile so.


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