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Oh Christmas tree

So I caved.

Remember how last year I made a trip to Costco and saw these beauties.

Little Christmas trees

And I walked away without bringing one home?

Well this year not so much.  I went to Costco with Diva who asked me for a tree this year.  And since I knew I didn’t want to lug a big tree home I sent her to the tree cart to pick one.

We came home with this one.

Christmas tree 2014

Pardon my crappy cell phone pics, y’all know I’m still rocking my Blackberry Bold.

Anyhoo, I gave Diva the task of getting it ready with the lights and ornaments from the old dead tree.  You remember this one right?

Dead Christmas tree

Stop laughing. Yes I still had it. And YES I planned to use it again this year.  **Don’t judge me!!** LOL

Anyhoo, Diva took the decorations off of the old tree and put them on the new one.  Here it is all dressed up.

All dressed up Christmas tree


Here’s hoping your Christmas is safe and wonderful.


Comments on: "Oh Christmas tree" (2)

  1. O Christmas Tree, looking very new and refreshed! No regrets? Hope you had a lovely day.

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