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Christmas wrap up

Another Christmas is over.  So far it’s been quiet.  My girls went to sleep over at their Dad’s house on Christmas Eve.  That is my usual time to wrap gifts and just relax.  I had a lazy Christmas morning and then it was off to my Dad’s for Christmas dinner. 🙂

It was a great Christmas with lots of food and drinks.  I had some Motown CDs which I gifted my Dad and he was happier than a pig in mud.  It was great as usually my gifts are a bust.

Boxing day is when my kids and I open our gifts. Princess was happy with her gifts.  Diva made a bad decision in the morning and punished herself for it by telling me to take back all her gifts. Far be it for me to deny her. lol Princess and my sister braved the mall in search of bargains, while Diva and I ran a few errands.

Today I was to have lunch with my old boss but that has been rescheduled so I am just going to relax until Diva’s BFF comes over.  I might should see about getting a new vacuum.  I would like one with a crevice tool and seeing as the one I have is my original vacuum from 7+ years ago, I will look around to see what I can find.

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  1. That sounds nice. I love Motown too! The stores were all closed here on the 26th so Boxing Day sales start today. I don’t need anything, but may look around in the next few days.

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