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In decorate mode

I would like to say re-decorate mode but that would imply that I decorated in the first place. 😮

Since moving into my apartment 7+ years ago I have thought about how I want my space to look.  I am desperately in need of a new couch, but am learning that I am becoming horribly indecisive. 😦  I think I am afraid that I will not love what I buy and have regrets about parting with such a large sum of money.  The logical part of me knows that is most likely not true but still I hold off making a decision.

The funniest part of all of this is when I moved I was given a very unattractive couch, but since the free price was right up my alley I took it.  Immediately I spoke about replacing it.  All I have done is buy a slip cover which is now stretched out and very worn looking.

It is past time.

A while back I went to Leon’s and looked at living room furniture sets.  Decided on this one.

Possible new couch Couch set 2

At the time Princess & I were in store, it was on sale.

An ex-coworker had told me about a store that sells furniture at a significantly reduced cost as they order direct from the manufacturer.  She found a coffee table with 2 end tables in one of the known furniture stores for $300 and managed to get the same set from this store for $170.  Savings like that can’t be over looked.

So after I picked my choice I went to this little hole in the wall store and told the sales rep the name of the manufacturer.  Well they no longer work with that particular manufacturer but based on the pictures and my description she recommended the following as a comparable option.

Cheaper couch set

I’m not sure what to think of it and would have to go to the manufacturer’s warehouse during business hours some 40 minutes away in no traffic in order to see it.

But the price difference is significant enough to make the drive.  Now that the set at Leon’s is no longer on sale there is a $1300 difference between the two sets.  Seems like a good reason to take a drive to check it out. So I am putting it on my calendar to do this Friday, once I have established that they are open, of course. 😉


Comments on: "In decorate mode" (5)

  1. That is a huge difference in price! Definitely worth the drive – it’s always fun checking out home decor things. That couch looks incredibly comfy!

  2. They both look super cozy and I love the warm colour. Well worth the comparison-shopping trip!

  3. […] like this set much better than the one I was originally going to get.  It doesn’t help that the set I went in to order went up in price by $250.  This one costs $250 less than the new price of the old set. Or exactly […]

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